The Gophers Revenge

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The next tract of land, past 50th street, was a mash-mash of grain fields and machine shop-like businesses, the kind of setups with pickups filling the parking lot.


All to say we, were 12 blocks from the next great adventure: just too far to hear Dad whistle for us home for supper and far enough to fuel a mighty mix of childhood fun and fear. Saturdays after our chores, my friends and I would circle our bikes on the street in front of our homes to decide the first move of the day. Riding the old two-wheeler inherited from my cousin Wayne this day we cycled east past 50th street. The land was spotted with abandoned cars, stands of trees, and gophers, lots of gophers.

As we neared we could see furry darting heads popping up and down from the mounds of earth marking their burrows. I had prepared myself this particular day. In my pocket was a length of fishing line because I was going to snare myself a gopher. I think I was motivated by my gopher snaring farm cousins; Aubrey and Wesley.

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We selected a mound that had lots of gopher action, I carefully made a loop with my fishing line and strung it out 4 or 5 feet from the hole. Gophers see really well so we had to lie belly down in the field and keep our heads down as low as possible. Gophers hear really well too, so we were quiet as 5 young boys can be. The first few pulls missed but I was getting my timing perfected.

At-Risk Survivor: Revenge of the Gopher

As much as I was planning to snare that gopher I was as surprised as it was when I actually felt its weight against the snare. I might have let it go.

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But I had an audience and I had my pride. This was not going to be easy.

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The gopher and I were in mortal combat. I slammed it to the ground once, I slammed it to the ground twice. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Recover your password.

What’s left for Illinois? Revenge?

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