Emeralds and Espionage

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The editing lacked, as in, there was none! Full of grammar and punctuation errors. Be careful on the spelling. By Melissa K.

Cortes on Jan 07, I love this book. I already had it in print but wanted a digital copy.

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Emeralds and Espionage: A Novel

It's a wonderful story. An easy read. Plus it's fun and exciting. A Customer on Jun 04, I thought that this book was awesome! Despite what some think, ahem I thought the plot was exciting and I could hardly put the book down. By Cjh on Sep 01, I'm one third the way through. It's definitely enjoyable but I agree with the other reviewers Hire an editor!!!! There's no excuse for this slop. I'm going to continue now and try not to be distracted by the errors. Well, I sort of finished it. It really became convoluted.

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The twists and turns spiraled out of control. I grew weary of the main character being in the dark about the details of her own life.

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I ended up skimming to the end. So much potential. I've loved this book since the very first time I read it. Mystery, intrigue, an romance.

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Well written to enjoy over and over again. I have been a fan since I read Emeralds and Espionage when it was first released. Not surprising that as each subsequent book was released I had to get. By Ann T on Apr 26, This book kept me spellbound. As Allison worked through the surprises of her life and family connections, as well as her emotions, I couldn't put the book down. There are some typos that were distracting and I had to retread those passages to figure out the plot and who the correct characters were.

By Kindle Customer on Aug 09, I really enjoyed the story, but the typos are just too many to allow me to give a rating higher than 3 stars.

Story is a lot of fun. I enjoyed the characters very much. I have tried to reach the author on her facebook page, but I am not sure whe will get the message. Gardner really needs a good editor!

Emeralds and Espionage

Not just one other person reading it. While Bart is on a secret mission in Africa, Allison arrives home one day to a cry For Bart and Allison Allan, a vacation is just what the doctor ordered When Allison married Bart, she knew theirs would be no ordinary marriage. Bart works undercover for the anti-terrorist agency Anastasia, and Allison is already more familiar with danger and near death than she'd like to be.

Now this intrepid and char The only thing Allison wants to do is stay home for a while and prepare a nursery. Each one is well-researched and analyzed. However, many parts of the book are long-winded. This event has been largely publicized and understood to align with the American reality of how law enforcement brutalizes African Americans.

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