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I only held on it to keep up the appearance of normality.

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I ran to the reception desk. Penny Carpenter. I stepped into the elevator and went up to the fourth floor. As the elevator doors slid open, both my parents whizzed by — my mother on one of those rolling beds and my father running beside her — going toward the delivery room. So, I waited in the waiting room along with all the families waiting for other mothers to deliver. But I sat alone, thinking about how my own life would change with the little bundle of joy about to be brought into the world.

Not that I was upset over it, but the new baby meant my carefree days were over. I wondered how the others would take it when they found I was finished saving the world with them.

James Mascia

Ethan was the only one who knew about the deal my parents made me agree to. The deal was pretty simple. My dad had started a new accounting firm, and my mother needed to work until the business took off. Until then, I had to go home straight after school and watch the little bugger. Not my idea of fun. After squatting in that uncomfortable chair staring at the blank gold-colored wall for several minutes, I decided it was definitely a mistake not to bring my homework. I might be there for a while, and I needed something to pass the time.

I put my feet up on the coffee table and stared at the news scroll on the television. The man came to the chair next to mine and started reading the Pittsburgh Tribune. I use the term reading loosely. It was more like nervously flipping through the pages, trying to take his mind off his wife, who was still in the delivery room. A quick glance inside his head showed he was definitely not taking a word of it in. As his eyes wandered about the paper, I glanced at the pictures on the back page. While I was trying to read the shaking words of the article, one of the nurses stepped into the room.

The man lowered the paper and looked up.

His legs were shaking, causing a loud crinkling noise, as the paper rattled in his lap. For the first time, I realized his age. He threw the paper on the low table, and nearly tripped on my outstretched legs as he hastily stumbled toward the door.

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Oh my God! Relax, Mr.

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The nurse managed to grab the man before he crashed into the door frame. Your wife is fine. Come with me and you can see her and the baby. She led Mr. McGregor out of the room. Before the door shut, I heard him ask, Did she name the baby yet? Christine and Chris — I shuddered at the thought. If I had my way, his name would be Moe. One syllable — easy to remember. I picked up the half crumpled newspaper off the table and smoothed it out as best I could.

At least the man left me some reading material.

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  8. I think my heart actually skipped a beat. I sat up in the chair and began reading. Over the last two weeks, local police report sighting these teens at no less than eight crime scenes. Reportedly, these heroes have stopped each of the crimes in progress before local law enforcement could respond. But are they truly a Godsend?


    High School Heroes II: Camp Hero

    Or are these four young adults just vigilantes out seeking attention? Where do they come from? And why do they flee the scene when police arrive? If these children are truly here to help, why do they refuse to show themselves? Why refuse to speak with police? The answers are obvious: These teenagers know the illegality of their actions. Wearing masks to hide their identities, the vigilantes act like characters out of a comic book. But these children are no Superman or Captain America. The brutality shown on some of the suspects they have apprehended has been appalling.

    One man was reportedly sent to the emergency room with internal bleeding. He spent two days in the intensive care unit before being released to police custody. Instead of going out to catch real criminals, we must waste our time cleaning up their messes. Bernadette Franklin, one of the first to spot the costumed teens, said, They scared me one night.

    I saw them chasing a man down the alley by my apartment. These kids should be arrested for disturbing the peace! Not everyone in the greater Pittsburgh area sees the four youths as a threat. Captain Falcon, another costumed superhero, said, I think they are doing a fine job. These kids seem to be taking that message to heart.

    I stopped reading, disgusted with what it implied about us.

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    I tried to push the stupid thing out of my mind. The harder I tried, the more I thought about it. That had to be news, though. Gloria Tennan made it seem like we were just four regular kids running after criminals, wearing ski masks and carrying baseball bats. Gloria went out of her way to make us look bad. She conveniently forgot to report the man sent to the ICU was on some kind of hallucinogen and was firing a gun into a crowd, screaming about deranged zombie dwarves. Peter shocked him real good. Normally even a low-level shock would be enough to knock out a horse, but whatever the guy was on kept him going.

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    Ethan broke his wrist and Savanah punched him several times, just to get the gun out of his hand. About ready to go down to the Tribune and use my power to make Gloria punch herself in the face — over and over — I instead decided to go to the bathroom and splash water on my face to cool off. Even if she meant to tear us down, that still had to be news.