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Are you deeply in trance? As trance induction proceeds, the amount of pacing as opposed to leading that the hypnotist does shifts dramatically. Natural languages contain a large number of cally a mixture of pacing and leading. We review briefly some of devices for the communication of presupposition. Thus, in the case of the first the techniques Erickson uses which typically occur more fre- example: quently as leading statements than as pacing statements.

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In leading the client's experience, Erickson characteristically does. I wonder whether you are aware that you are deeply in trance. For example, Erickson compounds the presuppositions, making it very difficult for the client rather than instruct the client to sit down in a chair, he might say: to challenge the truth of the statement you are in trance. Another common pattern in Erickson's work is the use of conversational. Rather than directly instruct the client to place his hands on his that you will soon find yourself comfortably sitting in.

In natural lan- Can you place your hands on your thighs? Presuppositions arc the linguistic to it, namely, put your hands on your thighs.

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By using the indirect equivalent of what is more commonly called assumption, basic communication, Erickson bypasses altogether the issue of resistance and organizing principles without which the information being pre- control, leaving the client to respond as he chooses. Another example of the typical use of Erickson make extensive use of a very powerful form of language presuppositions by Erickson is: patterning which is closely related to this last one, the pattern of lesser included structures.

Erickson may, as an example, say to a client:. I knew a man once who really understood how to feel good about. Here Erickson uses the predicate aware. This is a factive Notice that the portion of Erickson's communication in bold type itself is predicate - that is, a predicate which presupposes the truth of the identical with the command feel good. As another, slightly different example, clause which follows it. In order to make sense out of Erickson's Erickson may say: communication, the client must accept the clause which follows the predicate aware as true, namely, that you are deeply in.

I wonder whether you are completely comfortable. However, since the question is a This completes the overview of some of the patterns which occur lesser portion of a statement, there is no direct request on frequently in Erickson's trance work. We present now one of Erickson's articles Erickson's part for a reply. Characteristically, the client does which includes trance work. First, we present the article in its entirety; then we make a response, covertly responding to the communication as a will extract lines of the induc tion and suggestion which illustrate each of the question.

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Lesser included structures are a very powerful way of patterns which we have presented. We wish to emphasize that there are many directing the client's experience and building up response examples of these patterns in the article; we will extract only enough examples potential. This technique becomes even more powerful when to allow the reader to recognize these patterns as Erickson's. In addition, we are combined with the technique of analogical marking. Erickson will, for example, shift his tonality an analogical mark for the portions of the sentence in bold type: The Interspersal Hypnotic Technique for.

Innumerable Times this author has been asked to commit to print in detail Since clients are rarely conscious of such analogical shifts and, the hypnotic technique he had employed to alleviate intolerable pain or to if conscious of such shifts, they are very unlikely to associate correct various other problems. The verbal replies made to these many requests them with the simultaneously presented verbal material , the have never seemed to be adequate since they were invariably prefaced by the result of Erickson's communication is the double communication earnest assertion that the technique in itself serves no other purpose than that of - the story Erickson is telling to the conscious mind and the securing and fixating the patient's attention, creating in him a receptive and command feel good to the unconscious mind.

Erickson uses responsive mental state, and thereby enabling him to benefit from unrealized or visual as well as auditory cues to analogically mark his verbal only partially realized potentials for behavior of various types. With this communication, fragmenting them into separate message units.

There are several the desired goal or goals.

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In other words, the hypnotic technique serves only to additional effects of this type of communication which are induce a favorable setting in which to instruct the patient in a more important in understanding the powerful effect which Erickson advantageous use of his own potentials of behavior. By communicating indirectly, he avoids the Since the hypnotic technique is primarily a means to an end while therapy issue of resistence to a large extent.

Furthermore, he leaves the derives from the guidance of the patient's behavioral capacities, it follows that, client the maximum freedom to choose on the unconscious within limits, the same hypnotic technique can be utilized for patients with level to what portions of the communication he will respond. The technique is one that the author has employed on the from intruding unhelpfully in the process of trance induction and illiterate subject and upon the college graduate, in experimental situations and suggestion.

Finally, the client is able to participate more actively for clinical purposes. It is a technique before leaving for the author's office, another on the way and that he had visited employing ideas that are clear, comprehensible, but which by the office lavatory before entering the office and that he expected to interrupt their patent irrelevance to the patient-physician relationship and the interview with the author by at least one other such visit. Thereby the patient is prevented He related that he had consulted more than physicians and well-known from intruding unhelpfully into a situation which he cannot clinics.

He had been cystoscoped more than 40 times, had had innumerable x- understand and for which he is seeking help. At the same time, a ray pictures taken and countless tests, some of which were readiness to understand and to respond is created within the electroencephalograms and electrocardiograms. Always he was assured that his patient. Thus, a favorable setting is evolved for the elicitation of bladder was normal; many times he was offered the suggestion to return after a needful and helpful behavioral potentialities not previously used, month or two for further study; and "too many times" he was told that "it's all in or not fully used or perhaps misused by the patient.

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Instead, there will old crock. These therapeutic ideas will not be cited as stressing it as one of obscure organic origin. In all of his searching, not once had repetitiously as they were verbalized to the patient for the reason it been suggested that he seek psychiatric aid. Yet, these few essentially fraudulent books on "do-it-yourself hypnosis," he did seek the aid of repeated suggestions in the hypnotic situation served to meet the stage hypnotists, in all three in number. Each offered him the usual patient's needs adequately.

Each charged an exorbitant fee as judged by a standard eighth-grade education, but decidedly intelligent and well-read. He actually possessed a delightful, charming, out-going As a result of all this mistreatment, the medical no better than that of the personality, but he was most unhappy, filled with resentment, charlatans and actually less forgivable, he had become bitter, disillusioned, bitterness, hostility, suspicion and despair.

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Approximately two resentful and openly hostile, and he was seriously considering suicide. A gas years previously for some unknown or forgotten reason station attendant suggested that he see a psychiatrist and recommended the regarded by the author as unimportant and as having no bearing author on the basis of a Sunday newspaper article.

This accounted for his visit to upon the problem of therapy he had developed a urinary the author. Approximately every Having completed his narrative, he leaned back in his chair, folded his half hour he felt a compelling urge to urinate, an urge that was arms, and challengingly said, "Now psychiatrize and hypnotize me and cure thi painful, that he could not control, and which would result in a bladder of mine.

This urge was During the narration of the patient's story, the author had listened with constantly present day and night.

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  • It interfered with his sleep, his every appearance of rapt attention except for a minor idling with his hands, eating, his social adjustments and compelled him to keep within thereby shifting the position of objects on his desk. This idling included a close reach of a lavatory and to carry a briefcase containing turning of the face of the desk clock away from the patient. As he listened to the several pairs of trousers for use when he was "caught short. He certainly did not appear to be likely to be receptive hour can wait an hour.

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    I know it. As the. That patient had constituted a comparable difference. Both patients had in you got half a century or better of practice in waiting behind you. Hence, when the patient issued his challenge of idea. Say, why don't you just forget what I've been talking about and just keep it suggestions, instructions, and directions could be offered with in the back of your mind. Good place for it - can't lose. Never mind the tomato reasonable expectation that they would be accepted and acted plant - just what was important about your bladder pretty good, feel fine, nice upon responsively in accord with the patient's actual needs and surprise - say, why don't you start feeling rested, refreshed right now, wider behavioral potentials.

    Then, as interwoven therapeutic material for the one patient pertained to a dismissal but no recognizable as such consciously by the patient why don't bladder function and duration of time. A week later he appeared and launched into an excited account of arriving You know, we could think of your bladder needing home and turning on the television with an immediate firm intention of emptying every 15 minutes instead of every half hour.

    Not delaying urination as long as possible. He watched a two-hour movie and drank difficult to think that. A watch can run slow. He decided to extend the time be wrong even a minute. He looked at his watch and discovered that he it was 35,40 minutes sometimes. The patient leaned back in his chair, beaming happily at what's the difference.

    Almost immediately he leaned forward not much difference. I minutes.


    I plumb forgot the whole thing. Say, you a second or two. You were doing a lot of talking about growing a you can again. It wasn't no four hours I mainte nance can be done most effectively.