If Im Not Mistaken, Thats Bacon: Kosher Guidance for Confused Jews

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A second potential issue is that candies can contain a variety of ingredients. Never assume that your candy seems to be kosher just because you scanned the list of what was used to make them.

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Some ingredients actually contain non-kosher parts, but are grouped together for ease. This means they may look kosher at first blush, but are non-kosher in nature.

Not familiar with those two sources? They come from felines and beavers, respectively, and are decidedly not kosher.

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When purchasing candy for yourself or others, look for markings indicating that your product is kosher. And yes, there are candies of all shapes, sizes and flavors to make you smile! Ideally, the winemakers should be supervising everything from the grape harvest to the production to the fermentation. They might even have a hands-on part in the wine-making process.

Some kosher eaters insist upon the latter. Grapes are basically kosher, as long as they have not been infected by insects.

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Therefore, the foundational element of wine is kosher. It just gets trickier the more you look into the steps that are necessary to turn a sweet grape into a fermented beverage. For instance, many wine makers regularly turn to casein and gelatin. These are not permissible in a kosher diet. Therefore, only kosher enzymes or forms of bacteria can be used. Additionally, all the casks, bottles, equipment, etc. In looking for kosher wines, seek the hechsher, which is the kosher seal, from a trustworthy certifying agency.

Passover wines are particularly notable, because they have gone through a secondary line of consideration: they have never touched bread, dough or grain. Nothing in the basic ingredients that go into beer raise any alarm, as long as they have been properly harvested. The problem with beer comes when additions are made. For instance, many of the newest beer makers are exploring exotic flavors and tastes. While there is certainly nothing against beverage-making innovation in the Torah, there could be a problem if the additions are not from kosher sources.

Oysters and casein come to mind, and may be used to add specific tastes to beer. Read the labels. If a beer has not been certified kosher, find out why. Many beer companies have robust websites and may have answers to your questions. If you think we need to go into more detail on kosher versus non-kosher foods, kitchens, preparation and related topics, please drop us a line.

Vegan Gifts Sugar Free. Track order Account Cart 0. Your shopping basket is empty. Shop Birthday Gifts. Mar 21, What Makes Something Kosher? Broadway Basketeers Welcome to our guide to "what makes something kosher". They also fall for common kosher misconceptions, including: Myth: Kosher foods have been blessed by a rabbi.

While food blessing is part of the Jewish culture, it does not make a food kosher. Myth: Kosher foods are made kosher when they are prepared. Actually, kosher foods must start as kosher foods and follow a kosher process from inception to table. Again, this is a misunderstanding. Kosher-style foods may use authentic Jewish recipes, but may not be made from kosher ingredients. Myth: Kosher foods may be eaten with non-kosher foods. Kosher foods that touch non-kosher foods become non-kosher by proxy, and are therefore forbidden.

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Myth: Kosher foods can be made in any kitchen. Kosher ingredients should be handled with great care, and only in production locations that are retrofitted for kosher cooking and serving. Myth: Kosher foods are only eaten by those practicing the Jewish faith. Many people prefer to eat kosher for health reasons, even if they are not driven by a religious or cultural desire. While natural foods may indeed be kosher, there is no expectation that they will be.

Some of the basic guidelines for kosher foods involve: Making sure meat and dairy are never mixed. This is strictly forbidden under kosher law, and a mistake could turn the foods and anything that has touched them, including utensils, non-kosher. Making sure animals are slaughtered according to acceptable kosher laws, and by a shochet butcher.

The slaughtering is done using a knife that is incredibly sharp.

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The knife cannot contain even the tiniest of nicks. The goal is for the animal to lose consciousness very quickly, rather than suffer a violent end. Making sure no blood from any animal is eaten or added during the preparation of food. Making sure eggs only come from kosher birds. Kosher birds include chickens, ducks and other domesticated species. Some families eat turkeys, too, while others are concerned that turkeys not specifically mentioned in the Torah could be non-kosher.

Making sure different pots, pans, dishes and utensils are used for meat and dairy foods. These tools must never touch one another, even during wash. Thus, kosher kitchens often have two sinks, two dishwashers, two ovens, two microwaves, two refrigerators, two pantries and so on. Plus, every kosher household must have separate eating dishes for their meat and dairy ingredients.

Making sure meat and dairy are not consumed together. After eating meat, a period of three to six hours must pass before eating dairy. After eating dairy, meat may be immediately eaten after the mouth has been thoroughly rinsed to remove dairy residue. Earlier posting of same joke was not there when I submitted. Accordingly will compensate for gaffe with fresh submission:. A Rabbi goes to to a barbershop. A Texan invited the head of a Jewish trade delegation out to his large ranch.

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A priest and rabbi on a plane debated theology, each trying to convince the other. Then the plane crashed, and only they survived. The priest saw the rabbi jesturing as if crossing himself. I heard this one as the rabbi visited the pope, and when leaving St.

His congregation was shocked and asked him if he had converted. German armies are up against the Channel and can see the White Cliffs …. The Rabbi refuses to say and Hitler gets more insistent saying that he will stop all the anti-semitic attacks on the Jewish people.

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