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The other argument advanced is the creation of labour. Yes, seasonal and macdo style, is that what you want? And, at the same time, how many jobs destroyed in those who were forced to put the key under the door and move?

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The only colmar that interests Meyer are those who are likely to vote for him and they are certainly not the ones in the city centre, unless they are masos or be part of the profiteers click. We might as well continue to ruin their lives, so that they release as soon as possible: the most expensive parking macaron in France euros and pv galore are added to the increasingly unbearable pollution related to mass tourism.

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Meyer's calculation is simple: Let's forget the inhabitants of the center They are not bother by tourists, they don't see any Never in their neighborhood. It will be enough that I ask them not to raise taxes - and so bad for the services that are lacking - they will be happy and vote for me.

It is this sentence that appears in the second and third lines of the " letter of the mayor " of January , 24, letter where, moved, Gilbert announces his application and precise entry " this will be my last mandate ". He knows that the listeners and the reader are "scatter" fast. In Colmar, everyone knows the ethics of Mr. Mayor and therefore trust him.

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This trust has lost it as soon as he denies his commitment. Nothing, if not his ambitious ambition, do not give him to perjury He alone carries the weight of this serious mistake. There are, in our beautiful city, other talents, other ideas, other styles to manage our future. Only fools don't change their mind!

Of course, but we also forget to say that this proverb highlights " a proud stubbornness that borders stupidity Gilbert Meyer neither fool nor stupid; simply a proud hopeless! Bernard Friedrich Translated.

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Gaston See More. But by following his reasoning, no one could be elected here, because each of the candidates is supported by a party. We have the lr mold: The Mayor, which seems less present. The MP, not colmar and who is better in Paris. The first deputy who comes out of the same mold but who, unlike the others, can be very angry and contempt. Several people of my entourage have already seen him get angry and rise above the people because "no one has a lesson to [ Him ] give".

The Rem? Let's forget.

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The candidate talks about her city and does not live there. And this is our city not his! We don't leave one autocrat for another. A potential rn candidate who does not live here and who takes care of the region, in other words, she has no knowledge of colmar. Remain the green and the little young. Ecology should not be a dogma reserved for green. Green, it's a shame, often stays back. For me, a mayor must be present.

The little young one, I don't know him enough. Any other candidates? I will give my voice to the one who will again allow the inhabitants to be on an equal foot. I'm thinking about some neighborhoods that have been left behind. Others are more generously watered. Because they needed it and also in a concern concern. It is this attitude that sparks trust. In Colmar we have cultures that make our culture. I think watering one community or another is damn swollen and respectful. Respectful, because at a time when everyone tries to find their place and to fuel a climate of serenity and tolerance, we continue to divide and create tensions rather than bring people closer.

We are of above all and everyone deserves respect, in a peaceful atmosphere, for the well-living together. Unfortunately, in colmar, reigns this microcosm of bourgeois who decides everything and does not want change. It would be a shame not to have his entries and privileges. Hard to be on an equal foot with us, the citizens will grow. And can't wait for it to change!

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Gaston Gaston Translated. DR See More. Vote useful - vote for the renaissance of colmar A municipal election must be free of any political connotation or connotation. The Concepts of right, center, left, green, or any other color, are not entitled to city. In a national election, the promises held or not held An election at the local level has a real and quantifiable impact in our daily life, without the consistent interference of external parameters.

Every decision, good or less good, will see itself as the nose in the middle of the figure.

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At Home, in our street, our neighborhood, through our public services. I don't see how a list led by a candidate elected by a political party would be more able to lead a city in the sense desired by and for its inhabitants. Will these parties finance or collaborate in the implementation of election promises? Of course not.


What matters to them is to be able to display on a map of France where they are located! Their ego needs it and their future depends on it for the following elections On the other hand, we must prefer a list led by a colmar who is concerned to move our city in the choices and priorities of a mayor, whose vision of the world is contrary to expectations and The needs of its administration. Has he only been a little listening to them? Hearing doesn't mean listening We cannot take away the merit of contributing to the beautification of a few well-targeted neighborhoods but unfortunately to the expense of all others.

In fact, his choices have been adapted to the selfies of tourists I look forward to the list that will be able to take the counter-foot of the guidelines blind for too long. A team that will not be tired of being re-elected after his mandate. If it had to be, it was because it will have given full satisfaction both in terms of expectations and innovative proposals. Colmar has to come back to the colmar and colmariennes. I hope this moment will come next march.

Dr Dr Translated.

As in echo of what is happening in colmar. After the criticism of what does not go round in our city, essential to make a diagnosis and to remedy it, here is the time of proposals. Last Saturday, he presented to the press the main guidelines of his programme still in progress with the help of all those who wish to participate. Contact: Tdenechaud Gmail. Com The other potential candidates continue to go to the field, nothing like to soak up the subconscious of future voters, in case they decide to introduce themselves. Or, for one of them, to represent. Because nothing is safe yet. When you ask them the question, they'll be in touch, with a nice set.

We're reduced to the speculation. These are the three lr, Meyer, hemedinger and straumann.