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Now you want a lock to learn with. I suggest you don't use a lock you use in the real world - like your front door lock. We supply a variety of practice locks, including some high security dimple practice locks, but for now, I'd suggest one of the following:.

Both of these are designed with the beginner in mind. The Clear Lock is great because you can see the top pins and springs, essentially letting you know what's happening in the lock when you insert your picks.

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Knowledge is power and this is a superb way to learn the art of lock picking. The No Surprises lock is exactly that. You could buy a 2nd hand 'real' lock, but if it has security pins which you can't see from outside or there's a bit of damage, you'll never know - you'll just get frustrated when you're trying to learn. The No Surprises lock is an easy lock to pick, that won't catch you out with and is perfect for beginners. Getting both would be ideal, a clear lock to learn the technique, the No Surprises lock to try your new skills out.

Now you need to learn the techniques. People on You Tube understandably like to show their skills in the best light possible, which doesn't always help the beginner as they need to know what to do when it's not working. No one wants to get frustrated, so the correct information, well written and clearly presented is ideal.

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We have this fantastic book, which is now in it's 3rd printing:. Now you're ready to start picking locks! However, there's a couple of things you could add to make things a lot easier. I've listed a couple of accessories here and a few words about them. A lockpicking gun is basically a large tool that rakes the lock for you and can help you rapidly gain entry somewhere. Basic lockpicking guns are pretty inexpensive too. Basic lock picking tools are just tiny pieces of metal, and you can improvise them with, well, other tiny pieces of metal.

United Locksmiths has a good primer on this, broken down by state in the US. When we learned door locks were so easy to pick, my husband did a lot of research into better locks for our home. Thank you!! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    Comments I just love your blog. And you always come up with such wonderful and unique topics! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Load More Follow on Instagram. After that, I had a grand ol' time picking my practice lock over and over till I could do so in under 20 seconds with my eyes closed! Then, I was hooked. Once I'd throughly conquered my cutaway, I decided it was time to try something a little more challenging. Overly amped, I headed over to my local hardware store and picked up a brand spanking new Master Lock 3. From what I'd read, it seemed the most logical progression.

    I will tell you this, don't watch a Bosnian Bill vid and think that Master Locks fall open at a whim. They do not.

    After watching a bunch of Youtube videos I thought all it'd take was a tension wrench a pick and a modicum of finesse Yeah, not so much After hours of picking I got nowhere and started to lose heart. Thankfully, I'm not the type to give up so easily.

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    It's was just a matter of persistence, patience and dogged determination. The master lock 3 is a four pin lock with no security pins. It's really a great stepping stone for those new to the hobby. After I got it open once, I was able to get the picking order down and then it wasn't even fair.

    I could pick it blind-folded, slightly inebriated listening to "golden eye," trust.


    Beginners Lock Picking Kit (BPS-5)

    I decided I couldn't go about buying anymore locks retail. With that, I turned to that warm ever-welcoming bosom of consumerism: Ebay. I managed to pick up four older American brand laminated padlocks NOS new old stock. Upon retrospect this was not a great buy. Older American brand locks are more well made with tighter tolerances then the good ol' number 3 to which I'd become accustomed.

    I say older because now they're owned by Master Lock. God bless America. Needless to say I was lost Locks with tighter tolerances are more difficult to pick given that lock picking itself relies on slight manufacturing defects within any given lock.

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    A perfect lock where everything is made with absolutely zero variance would be, theoretically, impossible to pick. After getting through my initial slew of locks took a spell but I was finally able to conquer those old Americans I decided to upgrade my kit. It's really a cost effective way to incrementally build your kit to your specifications. My own personal kit is comprised of tools from these manufactures: Sparrows: Sparrows website has more of a modern feel to it and they've a great assortment of kits and singles from which to choose.

    Also, they carry a bunch of other bits and bobs of tacticool type goodness. On top of all that they're in Canada so you can make out pretty alright depending on the conversion rates. Peterson: Peterson's website is by far the most austere.

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    But their product is the most robust of the lot. Their government steel "Gem" has become my go to pick for SPP single pin picking. I also like how comfortable thei handles feel in the hand. Their customer service is excellent by the way. That being said, the only pick I've ever broken thus far was from them, granted it was early on so my heavy handedness may have had something to do with it.

    Their website isn't the friendliest to navigate on a mobile device. Just be mindful.