The Fear of Four

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Shop ABA Home. For many law students and lawyers, studying and practicing law can be scary.

Phobias and Irrational Fears

We rarely talk about fear in law school or legal training. It can stoke anxiety and depression in a profession already saturated with mental health challenges. Untangling Fear in Lawyering , discusses the reality, causes, manifestations, and consequences of fear in legal education and practice, from the standpoint of law students, junior attorneys, and clients. It analyzes fear from a cognitive, physical, and emotional perspective. The book draws guidance from how other industries address fear and mistake-making in education and training.

Heidi K Brown. ABA Book Publishing. John J Palmer. On-Demand CLE. There is no better time or place than the Midyear Meeting to bring together ABA leaders to discuss the issues, regulations, and trends shaping the future of legal profession. There is no better time or place than the Midyear Meeting to bring together the ABA leaders to discuss the issues, regulations, and trends that are shaping the future of legal profession.

The goal is to create a clear and concise document that is easily understood. Search ABA. Close Search Submit Clear. Shop ABA. According to NBC News chances to die in a plane crash are estimated to one in 60 million. To give you a feeling of how rare it is, the chances to win a jackpot in a lottery are one in 14 million.

Fear on Four - The Speciality of the House

There are companies that offer flight simulations, aircraft educational tours, and lectures to help cure aerophobia. But I had a similar experience with the fear of traffic. After I was hit by a car when I was 10 years old, I was so scared of roads. I suffered that fear for another 10 years after the incident, until I made a gut decision that may sound counterintuitive: I took a driving class. I learned how a car is designed and experienced vehicle control as a driver. This knowledge and experience totally flipped my idea about cars and helped me overcome the persistent fear.

In the same way, the experience of flying a plane in a simulator and learning everything about standard flight situations can give you a sense of control and reduce your fears. Why the engines change their sound?

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What is turbulence? What is that rattling sound during taking off? I did my homework to learn that commercial flights are actually designed to be able to fly on one engine.

What can parents do to soothe death-related anxieties?

They can even safely glide with both engines off. Lightning is not a danger for planes: they are designed to withstand a lightning. For those whose aerophobia is based on astrapophobia — the fear of lightning — it may be useful to know that no plane has crashed because of lightning since For those who are afraid of turbulence, there is an app called Turbcast — turbulence forecast. I believe it helps to just see how common turbulence is.

Facts like these helped me relax a little bit, especially when a next air trip was way beyond the horizon for me. But once on a plane, the fear would return in its full potency again. Therefore I developed the next step:. The same here: temporarily cleared anxiety by means of cognitive models is not yet freedom from a phobia. It was pretty obvious to me way before I started handling my fear of air trips.

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Cognition can only do so much to fear or behavior that is rooted in fears. Fear is not just a belief or conviction. It is an established body reaction. It would be fair to even call it physical addiction. The emotion of fear correlates with a certain chemical composition, which our bodies get used to and over time — become addicted to. So no matter what we try to think or say, the body craves the state of fear, our subconscious mind sends us terrifying images and stories, and we feel the fear without any rational reason.

So the real source of fear is rarely a real threat. You can trace it by reactions to fear, that are common for most people: raised heartbeat, shallow breath, concave chest, sweating palms, shrinking stomach, grinding teeth…. Doing nothing, not trying to fight the fear or reduce it. I was in the plane, my fear was abundantly triggered, I noticed all the stories about plane crashes in my mind, I set them aside the rational facts came in handy there , and put maximum attention to what was physically going on with my body.

Accepting everything I noticed and just watching it. Not to make it sound too easy: this exercise takes practice. It takes some time to learn to observe fear in your body, but once you do you access a powerful self-psychotherapy tool.

Dealing with the Four Kinds of Fear

Under the light of clear attention, the fear in the body melts away. Your mind becomes clear.

How women respond to fearful things

Your perception becomes intelligent. Those wise things you heard from people and tried to make yourself believe in, become your inner knowledge. It is temporary relief — once another fight is planned you will go from neutral to fearful again. When you remove the source of the fear, the fear is not just temporarily relieved — it is displaced.

You start feeling the bliss that the fear would let you feel. Perceiving, retaining and cultivating this state is critical for successful liberation from a phobia. You see, your brain needs stimulation, be it negative or positive. Negative stimulations are easier to get because we are wired to watch out for danger. Positive stimulations are harder to earn. But once you can perceive the blissful parts of your reality, you have a choice where you want to put your focus to.

On that flight, after my body released the fear physically, I looked outside of the window. Something I never did on a flight before, being too scared to actually show myself where I was. Choosing ignorance, in a way. I was thrilled with the beauty of the view above the Norwegian Sea. The clouds, the moon, the white night, the skies… I felt that beauty with every part of my body. I was sitting in a comfortable chair, drinking my soda, looking at the skies in such a way, that just a century ago was unthinkable of.

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Flying with my son across the world to see my parents. Just an hour ago all I experienced was fear and the exhausting internal dialogue with fragile attempts to somehow reduce it.