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Email Address. Enter the code as shown below:. Send message Please wait Copy Event URL. Events are social. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? Yes Recommended Yes Recommended. A city girl inherits a ranch in Montana from a grandmother she never knew she had. Time to take off the high heels and find some cowboy boots!

Charlie Ryan is a city girl through and through.

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But when she catches her fiance with his secretary, starting over sounds like a great plan. Take Cherry, for example. That bit of levity set the tone, and while there were definitely some serious moments, this book was loads of fun. It felt like, for all his wanting to guard his heart, he was inadvertently opening it more to her as each day progressed.

What really did it for me, though, was the somewhat silly but altogether realistic approach to country living. From picking out hot pink cowboy boots to naming a newly born calf Rodney, Charlie totally made sense to me. I honestly expected her to take longer to win me over or to annoy me for a little while in how she viewed things. But the way she embraced every new experience on the ranch, her sense of adventure and her genuinely accepting personality… How could I not love her?

Tucked Away is genuine country romance at its best, with complex and loveable characters, some mystery and drama, and lots of laughs, and I have no doubt the rest of this series is going on my must preorder! This review was originally written for and posted at The Romance Reviews May 28, Kerry rated it really liked it. This was a cute story, I loved the details of the small Montana town. The abundance of animals that showed up on the property that Charlie inherited from the Grandmother that she had never met. This city girl is like a fish out of water when it comes to country life, but the chance to start over gives her a place to call home.

It doesn't hurt that the local vet is easy on the eyes. When her mother stops by, there is plenty of drama and other visitors.


However the railroad man keeps stopping by t This was a cute story, I loved the details of the small Montana town. However the railroad man keeps stopping by trying to get her to sell the land, but how can she when she just might have found home! However, as soon as she sets foot in Broken Falls, the troubles begin, and a new love interest, in the form of hot veterinarian Zack Cooper is threatening her resolve. Zack is a single-dad who is content with his life on the country, and while he knows exactly that city-girls like Charlie mean nothing but bad news, and that she'lll soon have her fill of the country, he can't help but feel drawn to her.

What I loved about this book: The setting What I felt needed improvement: The awful heroine The slow-paced drama-ridden storyline The writing I was granted an ARC of Tucked Away through Netgalley, and was expecting a cute and heartwarming story about cowboys, city girls, and farm-animals I never thought I'd hear myself say that I actually love myself a good cowboy novel.

So yeah, I did get cowboys and city-girls having to make-do with country-life, but I was extremely disappointed with the book as a whole, especially with the writing, the overly ridiculous storyline and the awful heroine. I was a bit annoyed with Charlie: she thought that everyone flirted with her, so that made her quite pretentious to my eyes!

Also, I hated the fact that she jumped to conclusions without even double checking, or believed every single rumor she heard. And of course, whenever something like that happened, she'd make a run for it or hide, or even act like a bitch. Yeah, and her "insecurities" totally get the best of her, because for some weird reason she thinks Zack is not any better than her cheating ex-boyfriend.

It was really annoying to see how mistrusting she could be of him when he was left in the exact same situation in which she was left in. The only characters that felt real here were the actual cowboys: veterinarian Zack and his buddy Cash.

They were the only ones who did not go crazy and to whom I could relate. In terms of storyline, the concept of it was actually not too bad: there was the growing romantic involvement between Zack and Charlie that could have held my interest if it wouldn't have been so slow-paced also, don't expect the book to be steamy at all! Like Charlie's car running out of gas the moment she arrives at her destination.

Or suddenly, in one day, Zack's ex-wife shows up after 14 years, and so does Charlie's father, that she never met. Oh, and Charlie's mother suddenly show up at the farm too, and is a completely changed person? How more unrealistic can this book be? Now as far as the writing is concerned, I found it mediocre at best. There were lots of punctuation mistakes spaces missing after dots or commas and also, sometimes, between two paragraphs, a whole new scene would start, so there should have been a graphic separator instead of just a new paragraph.

It made reading Tucked Away quite difficult, and I found the 3rd person alternating POV poorly executed, and made it harder to connect with the main characters. So all in all, I am afraid Tucked Away wasn't for me. Upcoming author? Need help with a book cover design?

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I'm a freelance graphic designer happy to help you out in exchange for a reader's copy. Contact me! Everything in her life has just gone belly up. She is just about done for when she's inherited a Montana farm named Tucked Away from a grandmother she never knew existed. Charlie thinks her luck is changing and changing for the better. Charlie is someone who never gave up hope. She ends up making a fresh start in Montana, and soon meets Sophie who is a very precious 13 year old who knows a lot for her age.

She knows a lot about cooking, farming, and just life in general on a farm than someone her age should know or even is aware of. They become great friends who hang out, bake and go shopping for more weather appropriate clothing for Montana-including items colored Pink.

Zack Cooper owns and runs the local vet practice. Their reciprocal interest and hesitation to act on their feelings means life as they know it is about to get lively for them both! This story has multiple other stories running through it at the same time. I found it ok but I would have liked the story to stay on the main characters because it made it hard to keep focus. I liked this story because there was the storyline of suspicion of murder, someone trying to buy the farm for a railroad company, past secrets revealed, missing parents turning up, double dealing, misunderstandings, attempted rape and arson involved in this extremely rapid tale which I found entertaining from start to finish.

The author has everything going at pretty much the same time. I will admit it was hard to keep up the frantic pace of keeping my eyes going on one thing. I did wish the main characters had their ending followed up. A wrap up so to speak of how they were doing after the ending of the story so I would know how they were doing. I guess that is being nitpicky but due to pace of the story, I would have liked to have seen that at least.

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I did like the pairing of the main characters and I liked their chemistry so overall this was a good book. I would have rated this higher but felt the pace was frantic. The author did have a good way with her words and did get across how the characters were feelings so I will say this is a good book to read. My rating: 4. Add in a railroad man wanting to buy the property for a vast sum and everything falls into place. Mostly she wanders around being nice and waiting for others to tell her what to do or point her in the right direction.

While wearing hot pink cowgirl boots. From her teenage neighbour, Sophie, to the flirtatious ranch hand, Cash, to the especially helpful local vet, Zack. They keep her headed in the right direction throughout most of the story.