Weil die Welt sich ändert: Politik aus Leidenschaft – Erfahrungen und Perspektiven (German Edition)

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The Czech Industry and Trade Ministry has already issued two calls through which firms can request investment into photovoltaic electricity generators. During several projects on the order of hundreds of kilowatts have been built. Unfortunately, no other call has been announced and the companies are thus postponing their investments into renewables. The solar energy association has presented a study mapping the potential for solar in the Czech Republic.

This includes opportunities to install panels on facades and rooftops as well as the building of photovoltaic electricity generation projects in brownfields. Within the economic i. For the repeated startup of such constructions, however, bigger solar projects in the Czech Republic lack two basic things: Good laws and political support.

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The Czech Industry and Trade Ministry is currently drafting an amendment to the law on state-supported energy. After about a year of debate with experts, a bill has been drafted to introduce auctions for new renewable projects, inspired by a German law which began a very interesting reduction to the costs of new projects there, especially for photovoltaic parks.

However, the Czech Industry and Trade Ministry bill does not count on auction opportunities for new solar parks. Moreover, it is exactly solar that has the greatest chance of offering consumers cheap electricity, which would be advantageous. The same ministry is pushing the Czech Government to support new nuclear reactors, which are exponentially less advantageous than solar for consumers.

Unfortunately, chances to build new solar parks, whether located in brownfields or on the grounds of spacious industrial campuses, are also not part of the Czech climate-energy plan the Government is meant to send to the European Commission by the end of the year to present its strategy for fulfilling its emissions-reduction obligations by According to the versions of the plan that have leaked to date, the Industry Ministry only wants to support solar projects with a capacity of 30 kilowatts or less. Despite these small steps forward, the Czech solar energy sector is still waiting for somebody with a clear political vision to arrive on the scene.

Fossil gas is essentially methane, which constitutes at least one-third of global warming Public Domain. One of the key components of this play is repeating ad nauseum that burning fossil gas produces only half as much CO2 in comparison to hard coal or lignite, the most polluting of all coals.

Until recently, little media attention was given to the fact that fossil gas is essentially methane, which constitutes at least one-third of global warming and is leaking into the atmosphere all across the gas production and delivery chain.

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According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , in the first 20 years after its release, methane causes an approximately 87 times greater negative climate effect in the atmosphere than CO2. For a period of years, the climate effect would still be 36 times greater compared to CO2. In order for the world to meet its Paris-pledged goals of ensuring less than a 1. Instead, throughout the US, 60 percent more fugitive methane was being released into the atmosphere through leaky oil and gas production than previously measured, the journal Science reports.

While piped-in gas from Russia might be a bit better compared to LNG, the country barely has any fugitive methane controls, and is the leading producer and shipper of gas to Europe and Germany. But current trends indicate that green energy expansion is in fact, being deliberately fenced in. While on and offshore wind expansion slows , Nordstream 2 and a plethora of other new pipelines from Russia and newly discovered gas fields in the Middle East as well as the construction of a fleet of new LNG ships and terminals are set to flood the European gas market, dropping gas prices dramatically.

Under this scenario, German gas usage could actually rise by up to 8 percent through alone according to gas lobbying group Zukunft Erdgas. Evident of the new gas rush: shipments of U. So why again does anyone wonder why school kids throughout Europe and worldwide are striking for the future climate? Many developing countries were forced to accept privatization policies as a condition for credit or loan support from the World Bank and other international financial institutions, especially after the fiscal and debt crises of the early s.

Other countries voluntarily embraced privatization, often on the pretext of fiscal and debt constraints, in their efforts to mimic new Anglo-American criteria of economic progress. Globally, inflation was attributed to excessive government intervention, public sector expansion and state-owned enterprise SOE inefficiency.

It was claimed, with uneven and dubious evidence, that SOEs were inherently likely to be inefficient, corrupt, subject to abuse, and so on. Regardless of their original rationale or intent, many SOEs become problematic and often inefficient. Yet, privatization is not, and has never been a universal panacea for the myriad problems faced by SOEs.

Only more pragmatic and appropriate approaches — recognizing their origins, roles, functioning, impacts and problems — can realistically expect to address and overcome the burdens they have come to impose on many developing economies. Privatization usually refers to a change of ownership from public to private hands. Over recent decades, the term has been used more loosely. It sometimes also refers to contracting out services previously undertaken solely by the government.

The definition may include cases where private enterprises are awarded licenses to participate in activities previously reserved for the public sector. Strictly speaking, however, privatization involves the transfer of at least a majority share of and a controlling interest in a public enterprise or SOE and its assets, or an entity such as a government department, a statutory body or a government company previously controlled and typically at least majority-owned by the government, either directly or indirectly. Following the oil price shocks of the mid- and late s, inflation spread through much of the world.

The US Fed sharply raised interest rates to stem inflation, which precipitated the fiscal and debt crises of the early s in many parts of the world, especially in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Generally, the WB worked closely to provide medium- and long-term credit to these governments on condition that they adopted structural adjustment programmes SAPs. The SAPs generally prescribed economic globalization especially of international trade and finance , national or domestic deregulation and privatization. Since then, these international financial institutions have been more powerful in relation to developing countries than ever before. Soon, privatization became a standard requirement of SAPs.

On Friday, March 15, an estimated 1. The Fridays for the Future protests mark the onset of a global mass movement based on civil disobedience. This display of determination — over 20, overflowed from Invalidenpark in Berlin as part of the worldwide school strike for climate justice — turned our cultural order on its head: children were acting more maturely, more responsibly than their parents, even scolding their elders for their self-centered, reckless behavior.

Kids walked out of their classrooms in cities in Germany, and 2. The demos of March 15, , may well prove a seminal moment in the history of the fight against global warming: the start of an international mass movement of young people that relies on civil disobedience. And take the astounding scope and organization: the coordination of well over a thousand such demos across the globe.

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  • The Berlin leg, which police and the organizers expected to attract just 5, activists, brought out five times that number — and oodles of media. The youngsters know exactly how to use social media for maximum impact, and how to get coverage that landed them on the front pages of newspapers and on the evening news just everywhere in the world.

    And, yet, there was anger too, directed at the generations of parents and politicians who let things get as bad as they are. One felt more than a little spirit of the student protests in their brutal critiques of their elders. The speakers on the podium talked about the Paris treaty, the promise of renewable energy, the footprint of our transportation and agriculture sectors, and individual responsibility.

    Then she was alone.

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    That was two short months ago. The hail of critique that has rained down on the kids for skipping school truly misses the point. And as for naivety, this barb was dispelled by the new Scientists for the Future group, namely 23, German scientists and other experts who supported the strike.

    A handful of them were at the demo, and from the podium they told the students that they are right. They get the point.


    Das neue Leben (Roman)

    Countries like Germany, they said, were going in the right direction but not nearly fast enough. Keep it up, kids, they told them, science is on your side. Indeed, the kids get it, namely the existential threat of global warning. And that they are the last generation that will have the opportunity to do something about it. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the few world leaders that dared to praised them once again in the face of her own conservative party, most of which shook their fingers at the naughty truants ; and she seems intent on doing more for the climate in her final years in office.

    This, though, is not nearly enough for Greta Thunberg and her peers who announced themselves as a critical new part of the global climate protection movement. They may not be old enough to vote, but they are obviously capable of serious civic action, this much they proved on Friday beyond a doubt. But skipping school alone will not further their aims. They have to take their cause to the offices of the politicians, business and industry leaders, and, of course, their teachers and principals too. Civil disobedience is now integral to their movement and they have to find new ways to wield it.

    Occupying offices and buildings, the way the Central America movement did in the US in the s, is one option. But these tuned-in youngsters will surely come up with better ideas. Vom Was genau ist dabei herausgekommen? Das ist eine optimistische Sichtweise auf das Thema.

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    Was ist die UNEA? So wurden viele wichtige Themen der internationalen Umweltpolitik behandelt und in Resolutionen gegossen. Der zweite Vorschlag seitens Indiens wollte das weltweite Ende des Einwegplastiks auf den Weg bringen.

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    Das sah vor wenigen Wochen noch nicht so aus. Joshua Hill takes a look. This is our modern Industrial Strategy in action. Companies are burgeoning in clusters, creating new centres of excellence in this clean growth boom. The Sector Deal was also unsurprisingly hugely appreciated by companies of all sizes across the United Kingdom.